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Year 2014

  • 2-4 December 2014
    AsiaPay join "8th Global Airline & Travel Payments Summit - ATPS 2014".
    "8th Global Airline & Travel Payments Summit - ATPS 2014" organized by Airline Information was held in San Francisco on 2-4 December. AsiaPay, as the leading one-stop ePayment and mPayment partner in Asia, was invited to join the event, sharing the advanced and comprehensive omni-channel payment gateway, as well as flexible and efficient value-added payment systems, offering professional, integrated and secure payment solutions for global airlines & travel industry.
  • 27-29 November 2014
    AsiaPay join "2014 China International E-Shopping Fair (Shanghai) & EChina Global E-commerce Conference".
    "2014 China International E-Shopping Fair (Shanghai) & EChina Global E-commerce Conference" organized by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce was held at SHCEC on 27-29 November. AsiaPay keep up with the development trend of emerging E-commerce, deeply integrated with all walks of life, set up professional booth on site, sharing its flexible and efficient PayDollar advanced electronic payment system and solution with the industry.
  • 14 November 2014
    Mr. Joseph Chan receives "EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China 2014 Award".
    AsiaPay are pleased to announce that Mr. Joseph Chan, the founder and CEO of AsiaPay, received the "EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China 2014 Award", one of the world's most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs. This award is to honor the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Joseph Chan not only successfully building and leading his dynamic businesses, but also inspiring others with his vision, leadership and achievement, enhancing the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises and contributing to the growth of China economy.
  • 31 October 2014
    AsiaPay are pleased to announce the launch of MasterCard MasterPass on 30 October 2014.
    AsiaPay successfully integrated and deployed MasterCard MasterPass? to its online and mobile merchants via PayDollar / Pesopay / SiamPay payment platform. MasterPass? by MasterCard, is a new digital wallet service that allow consumers to centrally store all payment and shipping information. With MasterPass? wallet, consumers can enjoy a seamless checkout experience on any devices including computer, tablet and mobile. Merchants can also simplify checkout and reduce cart abandonment. For more information, please click here.
  • 16-18 September 2014
    AsiaPay join "2014 China E-Commerce Conference cum Network Information Consumption Industry Expo".
    "2014 China E-Commerce Conference cum Network Information Consumption Industry Expo" organized by CECA was held at Beijing International Exhibition Center on 16-18 September. AsiaPay are invited as the unique payment company, sharing its advanced, secure and multi-channel online payment solution integrated in the domestic and overseas, offering trusted and extendable payment channel with high-quality local service support for e-commerce industry.
  • 27-29 August 2014
    AsiaPay join "2014 Guangzhou International Garment Festival E-Commerce Exhibition".
    "2014 Guangzhou International Garment Festival E-Commerce Exhibition" organized by the municipal government of Guangzhou was held at China Import & Export Fair Complex on 27-29 August. AsiaPay are invited to join and share the comprehensive, advanced, secure one-stop multi-processing PayDollar payment gateway in Asia-Pacific, providing flexible and efficient payment solution to meet e-business transformation and upgrading demands of garment industry.
  • 30 June 2014
    AsiaPay announce integrated hotel platform with MICROS.
    AsiaPay and MICROS Systems, Inc., a leading technology solutions provider for the hospitality and retail industries, announced the delivery of an integrated platform for the hotel market. AsiaPay's payment gateways in Asia (PayDollar, PesoPay and SiamPay) have integrated into MICROS' internet booking engine, webHotel, to provide complete online payment solution for MICROS' clients. Please click here for more information.
  • 24 June 2014
    AsiaPay offer mobile payments capabilities to JMango360.
    AsiaPay are pleased to announce that JMango360, a mobile application development company, has selected AsiaPay's payment processing services in providing mobile payments capabilities In Asia. JMango360 can benefit from AsiaPay's advanced, comprehensive and secure payment solutions, enhancing its product competitiveness for their mobile commerce apps in Asia.
  • 19-20 June 2014
    AsiaPay join Shopify Asia's Ecommerce Festival 2014.
    Shopify Asia organized an Ecommerce Festival from 19th to 20th June 2014 in Singapore. AsiaPay are invited to attend the event showcasing its advanced, secure and proven ePayment services and solutions to the attendees, as well as its newly launched partnership with Shopify providing an added plug-in option to merchants.
  • 15-17 May 2014
    AsiaPay join "2014 China International E-commence Exhibition".
    "2014 China International E-commence Exhibition" organized by China Information Industry Association, was held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Convention Center on 15-17 May. AsiaPay are invited to join the event sharing its customizable and extendable PayDollar comprehensive one-stop e-Payment services, as well as its newly launched professional online sales platform - WhatsMall, to help SMEs build their online shop quickly with minimal costs and effort.
  • 21 April 2014
    AsiaPay Launch "PayCash" – a comprehensive cash payment service.
    AsiaPay Launch "PayCash", a new cash payment service in the Philippines and Thailand that enables online customers without credit cards, debit cards and online banking accounts to shop online and pay by cash via PayCash payment partners such banks, payment centers and convenient stores through over-the-counter payments.
  • 31 March 2014
    AsiaPay Launch "QRPay" payment service.
    AsiaPay Launch "QR Pay", a new payment solution service that facilitates retail, online and mobile merchants to accept payment easily and efficiently. The easy-to-use service allows merchants to readily generate pre-defined QR codes for payment acceptance. With smartphone that can read QR code, customers can scan the QR code at various channels, fill in the payment details and complete the payment accordingly.
  • 24 February 2014
    AsiaPay Launch "EventPay" payment service.
    AsiaPay Launch a new cost-effective register-and-pay solution service "EventPay" online and mobile. It facilitates members and customers of organizations of any size to register and pay conveniently anytime and anywhere whether for events, training courses and examinations, etc. The easy-to-setup service comes with user-friendly event setup and registration reporting tools.